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DocBits (DOC²)

DocBits (DOC²) is an intelligent document processing solution that automates and simplifies document management, integrating seamlessly into the Infor system with the power of artificial intelligence.

Overview of DocBits (DOC²)

DocBits (DOC²) represents the cutting edge of intelligent document processing, designed to transform and simplify the way organizations handle their documents. By eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes, DocBits offers an automated approach to managing documents, from purchase transactions to payments. One of its distinctive features is its ability to integrate seamlessly with the Infor system, providing an end-to-end solution for validating, archiving and exporting data.

What’s more, thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, DocBits can be trained from day one, adapting to different document types, shapes and layouts, making document processing not only more efficient, but also more accurate.

Services we Offer

AI Swarm Intelligence

Document automation and training from day one.

No IT Required

Add and train documents with simple clicks.

Integration with Infor

Validation and export of data, with archiving in Infor IDM.

Email Automation

Automatic import and classification of documents received by e-mail.

High-quality OCR

Recognition of printed and handwritten texts.

IA Table Extraction

Precise identification and extraction of tables in various types of documents.

Empowering AI Automation

DocBits (DOC²) leverages powerful AI swarm intelligence to initiate document training and automation from day one, regardless of the document’s type, shape, or layout. With this robust AI model, data can be automatically trained and extracted without the need for IT knowledge or programming skills. Users can effortlessly train any document type with a simple keystroke or mouse click, enabling the extraction of nested, unstructured values, and even intricate tables.

Efficient Document Management

By seamlessly integrating with Infor LN, DocBits (DOC²) not only extracts data but also ensures the correctness and validity of the document content through multiple data validations. Documents are archived in Infor IDM. Furthermore, considering the vast volume of emails businesses handle, DocBits simplifies the process by automatically importing and classifying various documents, from invoices to medical certificates. This system provides a dashboard for easy document management, promoting collaborative work by allowing users to assign documents to colleagues.‍

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