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In order to be able to work economically, service providers need a complete overview

To be successful, service providers must focus on the people: they must both attract and retain the right employees and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Service companies need an end-to-end solution that offers a comprehensive view of all aspects of work, from efficient resource management and flexible working conditions to effective internal billing.

Software for service companies - based on our own experience

As IT service providers, we know firsthand how big the influence of individually tailored software is on service level, revenue and, above all, "day-to-day". We also use everything that we develop ourselves, our consultancy services therefore arise from our personal vision. This encouraged the development of our specific applications for customers, which are based on the Microsoft product line. This allows us to provide powerful yet familiar solutions that solve problems faced by the service sector.

Visibility through consolidation

Our specialists bring multiple systems, support contracts and databases together in one integrated software solution for service providers. You use the familiar Microsoft user interface. Our solution provides a uniform, consolidated view of the data and thus the possibility of measuring progress and success. You focus solely on growing your business.

Microsoft expertise that benefits you

Our status as a Microsoft partner, our expertise in relation to Microsoft Dynamics 365 and our in-depth understanding of the service industry at first hand help you to find a solution that fully meets your needs.

Software that is fully tailored to service companies

Microsoft „Essentials for Professional Services“ forms the basis for your solution. These cloud-based and preconfigured solution combines fast implementation with the user-friendly, intuitive application options of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 

Shortened implementation

A solution that grows with your requirements

You can adapt your solution individually and thus expand the possible uses. You determine the degree of adaptation. Adjustments can include areas such as marketing, sales, process costing, resource planning or operational planning.

ERP-Branchenfunktionen und Business-Prozesse für Serienfertiger

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Business case

100% precise automation of order processing at Preferred Sands.

“I don't trust any information that's older than two hours. We need real-time information on a central platform to make good business decisions - and Infor enables us to do just that. "

– Luke Rains Vice President of Business Operations, Preferred Sands

Business case

A municipal water company was able to reduce the workload of its employees by 70%.

"Every employee in our company uses Infor Ming.le ™ as an access point for important functions such as material requirements, business intelligence, payroll or vacation requests."

– James Ollerton, IT-Director, Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District

Fully preconfigured software solution for service providers

Event management products

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is the globally networked cloud for companies, which should help you to better understand your company and to be strategically successful.


  • Empower employees
  • Optimize operational processes
  • Take more efective decisions

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Your expert


Markus Tuppen

Administrative Director

Silicium Consulting GmbH.

Individual advice and implementation

Fully preconfigured software solution for service providers

Increase the profitability of your service company.

Our focus is always on what is practically feasible and not on what is theoretically possible. Learn more about the possibilities that ERP, CRM, BI and Cloud with offer of SILICIUM CONSULTING offer.

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