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Maximize the efficiency of your field service with cloud-based solutions
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Optimize your sales force to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

The key to high levels of customer satisfaction is providing great service in the field too. That is why we offer a complete field service management solution. Designed by industry experts, this solution perfectly connects the employees in administration and IT with the field service. This enables you to offer outstanding customer service while increasing productivity and reducing service costs at the same time.

Proactive as well as reactive service

Often times, customers contact your sales force as a result of an issue that may have a negative impact on customer satisfaction with your company. It is extremely important that the field service team can resolve the problem immediately in such a case. Many companies are also looking for solutions that can identify problems in advance and solve them before the customer even realizes that there is a problem.

Solution at first contact

However, many organizations still struggle with inadequate case taking processes and are far from reaching a solution upon initial contact or before the problem affects customer satisfaction. This can e.g. B. lead to the posting of the wrong sales representative. The customer's problem cannot then be resolved immediately, which in turn leads to repeat visits and additional costs.

Compliant field service

We know that you are under significant pressure to operate your most important assets to comply with legal processes and regulations, and that it is critical that you keep track of those assets. However, you may have to struggle with isolated processes that run in separate systems. That makes it much more difficult to enforce compliance and achieve efficiency.

A comprehensive solution for field service management

Our team of industry experts and Microsoft technical experts offers a complete, cloud-based field service management system based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, which includes the following: service locations, customer assets, predictive, planned and reactive maintenance, work order management, resource management, inventory, planning and shipping, Mobility, collaboration, customer invoicing and analytics.

Equipped for the present, prepared for the future

You can track and monitor all of your resources. In addition, our Hitachi Solutions Predictive Service Hub makes intelligent use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and simplifies maintenance requirements. Our Service Hub prioritizes your reactive, planned and prognostic maintenance work in the field. This saves time, increases productivity, supports budget management and delivers the best result for your customers.

We ensure visibility and connectivity

You get a complete overview of all interactions. For example, ensure that the right technician with the right equipment is dispatched the first time to solve the reported problem. With the help of mobile technology, you integrate everyone involved in work order management. Your call centers have a comprehensive overview of the task at hand and you can keep in touch with customers and service providers via individually adapted portals.

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