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Reach your goal quickly - our method makes it possible
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Have a head start - thanks to accelerated implementation

Our accelerated implementation gives you all the benefits of a comprehensive solution without the time and expense you would have to start from scratch. We, on the other hand, use our many years of industry experience and our in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft portfolio to do the basic work for you. With our tools for an accelerated implementation, we help you to provide new solutions quickly and to be able to use the advantages faster.

Operational systems - quickly deployed

We know that it is your business to solve tricky questions: How do you implement a system as quickly as possible in order to be able to use the desired advantages quickly? And how do you ensure that the result is of high quality? There is a risk that speeding up the process will result in a loss of quality and that the result will not be usable. Our accelerated installation approach and special “accelerator tools” based on our knowledge and experience deliver results quickly and effectively.

An accelerated business transformation process

For companies that want to transform their business as quickly as possible and keep costs down, our standardized, accelerated “off the shelf” installation is ideal, as only a few adjustments are necessary. Instead of starting with a “blank sheet of paper”, we configure the software and prepare the documentation and training materials so that you can use your solution faster.

The ideal tools for accelerated installation

When it comes to business transformation, many companies rely on our accelerators, specialized tools for accelerated installation. You may already have identified certain business areas that you would like to change. Fields in which as much manual work as possible should be replaced by automated processes. Our accelerators are perfect for doing this job quickly, efficiently and reliably.

Accelerated installation as a full service

Instalación acelerada como servicio completo

Complete your solution faster

Our Microsoft and industry experts designed our “DevOps Accelerator” to increase efficiency when creating customer-specific solutions and to reduce manual effort. The DevOps Accelerator includes three unique features: a document generator that automatically generates reports, a code checker element, and deployment tools that automate your project and create activities.

Smart security

Security at all levels. Companies need secure solutions that offer their customers, partners and interest groups appropriate added value both in the cloud and locally and meet the requirements of the new world of work. Your data, identities and devices are protected - without any loss of productivity.

Our focus is always on what is practically feasible and not on what is theoretically possible. Learn more about the possibilities that ERP, CRM, BI and Cloud with offer of SILICIUM CONSULTING offer.

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