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Work is not a place! Discover the work tools of tomorrow

Mobility and digitization are changing the world of work. Agile and collaborative working methods are becoming more and more important. New IT applications such as cloud computing, mobile technologies, file sharing tools or messaging services not only guarantee better processes and higher productivity, but are also a decisive factor for the employer brand today.

Work collaboratively and stay fit for the future

The goal of a digital workplace is to enable your employees to work productively and thus to give more room for creativity. A company's ideas determine its success and future. That is why a culture of creativity is essential for modern work.

Network knowledge and promote collaboration

With the implementation of a SharePoint-based intranet, we support global companies in the challenge of promoting collaboration across departments, locations and devices. All documents and content are accessible at any time with just a few clicks via the cloud. Supplemented with options for know-how transfer, document management and high usability, your integrated portal is quickly accepted by employees and thus a resounding success!

The digital workplace - work is not a place

For us, the modern workplace is the answer to a number of trends such as digitization, cloud, big data, mobility, changing work models and the desire of employees to work together and share knowledge. We'll show you how you can stay one step ahead in this rapidly changing environment.

Intranet for optimal internal communication

Good internal communication is a must for economic success. The rapidly increasing affinity for social networks also requires modern corporate communication to promote interaction and the dynamic transfer of knowledge. The goal of our social intranet solution is to improve your communication flows. This saves you time and increases your efficiency.

Integrate external users efficiently

Use a top class extranet as an extension of your intranet! Whether customer, agency, supplier or dealer portal - the extranet is only used by a defined group of external users. Use our solutions to efficiently and securely exchange large amounts of data and information across company boundaries!

Smart security

Security at all levels. Companies need secure solutions that offer their customers, partners and interest groups appropriate added value both in the cloud and locally and meet the requirements of the new world of work. Your data, identities and devices are protected - without any loss of productivity.

Individual advice and implementation

Cost-transparent and flexible thanks to agile structures

We work out your requirements and criteria together with you - and implement the solution exactly according to your individual ideas. We support you from the strategy through the conception, design, implementation, development, quality and test phase to support in setting up your digital working environment.

Our focus is always on what is practically feasible and not on what is theoretically possible. Learn more about the possibilities that ERP, CRM, BI and Cloud with offer of SILICIUM CONSULTING offer.

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