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We keep your software up-to-date with updates to Microsoft Dynamics 365

The management of the constant updates of a cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 system is often a challenge. Our update and consulting service works hand in hand with your teams in order to control the risk and make innovations usable for your business. Our tried and tested approach is used by many organizations to carry out updates successfully.

A service that relieves the burden

Major updates to your business Microsoft applications pose the problem of having to install these changes during business operations. Our update and consulting service supports you in managing updates without any problems so that you can install them easily and use them for your business advantage.

We offer comprehensive support

If possible, we include our update and consulting service in the service contract over the life of the silicon consulting solutions. This gives you planning security in terms of costs and operational continuity.

Simplicity and clarity

You need to be able to find out easily which elements of the Microsoft Updates affect your business. Based on our deep understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we evaluate the changes to be expected as a result of the updates and offer you advice tailored to your situation on how you can carry out upgrades as cost-effectively as possible and in a way that is less disruptive.

Timely, proactive feedback

We know that you need as much advance notice as possible about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 elements in order to be able to make appropriate changes or adjustments. With this proactive approach, we ensure that there are no unwelcome surprises and that you have enough time to plan such changes.

Our experts have in-depth specialist knowledge

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants analyze Microsoft's comments on the respective version, the so-called release notes, look at Microsoft's update schedule and provide a brief overview of this. In quarterly information meetings with our consultants, at industry forums and with our YouTube channel halten wir Sie auf dem Laufenden. So können Sie das volle Potential geplanter Updates nutzen.

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